Lights in the Sky

Lights in the Sky

Lights in the Sky

Late one night, when I was just a lad, I saw Lights in the Sky. UFO’s. I was standing on the back porch of our family home. The year was 1975 and in the high summer. The porch was a long as the house, and stood some fifteen feet wide. The outer edge was lined by windows made of two by fours and screened in to keep out the bugs that live to invade people’s personal space; the gnats and mosquitoes grow to giant proportions in the deep South. The town we lived in is Moncks Corner, South Carolina. It’s about 20 miles to the North of Charleston.

I was standing just beyond the back door. I was looking out over the treeline. The forest started on the other side of the two and a half acre garden behind our house and back yard. Coniferous trees and deciduous trees raked up like black claws against the deep blue starry night sky. The moon was high and bright, but it wasn’t in my immediate view. I could see the stars shining like diamonds, crystal clear in my young hawkish eyes. Little did I know at the time what Lights in the Sky were.

I found out when two of the stars started to move. One went clockwise. The other, counterclockwise. They each passed behind a third UFO at the twelve o’clock high position. The two prime movers kept themselves in a perfect synchronous rotation. When the UFO on the right was at one o’clock, the UFO on the left was at eleven o’clock. When the UFO on the left was at nine o’clock, the one on the right was at three o’clock. When one was at seven o’clock, the other was at five o’clock. The Lights in the Sky moved quickly and it was easy to see all three of them at once. If I had to guess, I’d have to say the objects were more than a mile away, but less than three. Although their size was about the same as the actual stars in space that surrounded them in that pitch black sky, I now know they had to be inside the earth’s atmosphere. There were no clouds.

I stood on that porch, watching those Lights in the Sky for probably thirty to forty-five minutes. I’ll never forget the moment and the sense of wonder that was instilled in me. I never saw them again myself, but four of my five older brothers would tell me stories later in life about how blinking lights in the sky would follow the school buses they drove. They all said the same thing: when the bus would stop to pick up a school student, the warning lights on top would flash in the front and the back. At those moments, the lights in the sky would stop moving along with the bus, and flash their lights back at them. One of my brothers also said the lights would simply follow the bus along its full route, but not blink or stop. The UFO would just cruise along slowly, keeping pace with the school bus.

I have not seen any UFO’s since that time when I was five years old. However that moment is frozen in time, in my mind, and I would have to say it is the main reason I kept my nose in books about all things paranormal and supernatural. Now, at forty-three years of age, forty-four in December 2014, I still look for answers to the question of the Lights in the Sky. I now believe they are not flesh and blood creatures like us humans, but Interlopers from outside our universe. Somehow, through some weird alchemy or what we would call magic, these beings are able to create ships that seem to be made, at times, of nuts and bolts and strange metal. At other times, when they’re breaking all the laws of Newtonian physics as the¬†Lights in the Sky dash at sixteen-thousand miles-per-hour across the horizon and make a ninety-degree turn without slowing down, made of nothing but light. It is still difficult for me to imagine how they make this transmogrification. Are the beings themselves morphing into the form of a disk? I can see them in my mind being nothing but energy. That’s easy. But for something to be able to make itself into something that has a completely different molecular chemistry from what it was a moment ago? It staggers the mind. Then again, maybe they’re making ships in that other plane of existence the Interlopers belong to. Chariots of the Gods, right? I say that with sarcasm. What we seem to be dealing with are entities that can change the laws of physics for themselves at will. There is ample documentation on this in the Bible. The Holy Bible, the Living Word of God. Yes, I was brought up in the Southern Baptist’s Churches as a child and young adult. I firmly believe the Holy Bible is the Infallible Word of God. At any rate, there is ample scripture which documents the very beings we are dealing with, in the UFO paradigm.

In my website Supernaturalus, I will document the various entities and objects that people tend to encounter in the realm of the paranormal and supernatural. I will demonstrate through the facts that have been gathered since the start of the modern UFO phenomenon what we are actually dealing with. I will also show the same results as given to us by God, through the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, in HIS Word, the Holy Bible. God’s Word speaks to our very hearts, and even the most hardened atheist will at some point get down on bended knees and proclaim loudly the truth of Christ Jesus. It is by no accident that we have a written record handed down to us from the Ancient of Days.

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