Aliens are by and large one of the most accepted phenomenon on the planet earth today. Even if a person does not believe in ghosts or other aspects of the supernatural, they might believe that our universe is inhabited by other intelligent creatures than Humans. The reason for this lays in the work of a scientist who lived to write a book called The Origin of the Species. While this was not the first idea on evolution, it cemented the idea into our current society has has been running full tilt ever since.

The main ideas behind the Theory of Evolution can be put outside the earth. And so if life can arise on earth by accident, it can happen on other planets similar to earth in other solar systems outside our own. The Theory states life began on earth some 3 billion years ago. Other systems may have started sooner, lending to the idea that they are now more evolved than us and have greater technology than we do. This allows them the idea of faster than light space travel and explains how being could make the trip from Zeta Reticuli to our Sol system in relatively short time. Surviving the hazards of space travel such as high radiation zones, meteorites, and asteroids is another matter outside the realm of this post.

What we end up with in reality is the existence of thousands of reports from eye witnesses claiming to have seen lights in the night sky and disks, cylinders, and other odd-shaped objects in the daylight.

More to Come!

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