The planet Earth is the center of the material universe; the Prime Material Plane of Existance for everyone that lives on our planet, both flora and fauna, i.e. the plants and all animal life. There is still yet a manifold existance beyond that of the world of the real: the higher planes which are inhabited by the forces of good — Heaven, and the lower planes which are the infernal regions and yet at the same time a prison — Hell. The various denizens of each of these outer realms have the ability to move through all of the planes of reality which exist to varying degrees of allowance.

What this website aims to show is who these entities are that are able to make their way into our lives seen or unseen. We will discover the motivations of these same entities, either base or complex. The ultimate tapestry to be woven will prove that there are in fact two kingdoms at war in multiple universes, with our own universe, our planet Earth, caught in the middle. We as individuals are left to choose sides in this war. Not choosing as side is not an option and is in fact the one sure way to put yourself on the side of the enemy. Choosing to stand against the forces of evil must be a conscious choice made by each and every individual over the age of accountability. The reason we must actively make this choice for the good is simple: it will determine your outcome into eternity — beyond the mortal coil of humanity.

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Lights in the Sky

Lights in the Sky

Lights in the Sky

Late one night, when I was just a lad, I saw Lights in the Sky. UFO’s. I was standing on the back porch of our family home. The year was 1975 and in the high summer. The porch was a long as the house, and stood some fifteen feet wide. The outer edge was lined by windows made of two by fours and screened in to keep out the bugs that live to invade people’s personal space; the gnats and mosquitoes grow to giant proportions in the deep South. The town we lived in is Moncks Corner, South Carolina. It’s about 20 miles to the North of Charleston.

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